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1/4" Dr - Quick Release Finger Tip Ratchet

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1/4" Drive - Quick Release Finger Tip Ratchet


Part Number - 1491

1/4" Drive - Quick Release Finger Tip Ratchet



I keep this as a portable set. Its got evrihtyeng I need in a pinch except allen keys, but a cheap allen key set remedied that. The extensions are just long enough to reach any bolt I needed to get to. There are 2 different cases in the photos. The stock photo with the sockets in the lid is what I have and its a smaller case. Walmart sell the version with no sockets in the top lid. Same set, different case. Home Depot sells the same set under the Husky brand name (its the smaller case version) It can me a little difficult to remove some of the sockets but I rather have that then them falling out. (the bigger case had sockets that were a little easier to remove) From my experience, these are about the quality of craftsman from 10 years ago, slightly less quality than craftsman of 20 years ago, and eons better than the crap craftsman has been selling lately.

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