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3/8" Dr 10" Stuby Flexible Ratchet

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3/8" Drive 10" Stuby Flexible Ratchet


Part Number - 1384L

3/8" Drive 10" Stuby Flexible Ratchet



The push button socekt release works well but is very small in diameter. The edges of the release button are somewhat sharp and after working with the ratchet for a few hours the tip of my thumb was very sore. The release button on this particular ratchet requires an above average amount of force to operate, and considerably more effort than my other 1/4 ratchets. Hopefully with time the release will become easier to operate. The other gripe I have is the ratcheting mechanism itself is very stiff. On smaller loose fasteners the ratchet will not free wheel. I must hold the socekt with one hand in order to get the free wheel to engage. Again, I am hoping that with time this will loosen up and operate more easily. For the money this is a much nicer polished pear shape ratchet than the cheapest generic Craftsman offering. I ordered the 1/2 , 3/8 and 1/4 ratchets at the same time. Like all Amazon shipments this one arrived quickly. Sadly the box the ratchets were shipped in had ZERO cushioning inside. The ratchets had a few cosmetic scuffs from bouncing around but it has not affected their performance.


This is always the first seckot set I grab out of my tool cart when working on vehicles and such. The thinner walled seckots dont stick out as far making them fit into spots other seckot/ratchet combos just wont. The pass-thru system makes the need for deep well seckots obsolete. These are great for just about any occasion, thier only limit is if you need a very long extension to reach something. Other than that, they are ideal for automotive work and more. After having this set for s few years now, I couldnt imagine working without one. I must have for any toolbox! (Also consider the set that has 1/4 pass-thru drive as well as the 3/8 which is also available on

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