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Part Number - 62CASE

62 Piece Metrinch Tool Case (Bits shown not included. Foam liner not included.)

real deal review

well im a pro machanic i use my metrinch tools almost every day ive had my metrinch tools sence i was 15 an i still have every peice today now im 23 an the case is now startting to come apart at the seems. so now im here about to buy a replacement \r

Great tools, pricey case

I have had my Metrinch set for many years and I love and highly recommend it. The case however is prone to eventual issues because of the plastic hinges and latches. The tools are WELL worth the money, but the replacement case is a pretty pricey and should have real hinges for $ 40.00.

Fantastic Tools, Expensive Replacement Case

I have had my Metrinch tools for at least 16 years now and to me they surpass any set of tools on the market. I'm a retired big rig driver and these tools have served me very well throughout the years. They continue to serve me well without a hitch, as a matter of fact they have been so good that I purchased 3 more sets for my son and brother in laws about 14 years ago and they're still getting great use to date.\r Now I have a need to replace the plastic case and I feel $40 is a bit expensive for a a plastic molded case with no hinges.

plastic snaps broken.

I would think that someone like myself who has had this 62 piece set for maybe 18 years or whenever they started advertising on tv,that retrench would provide a loyal customer with a more reasonable cost or i would have thought just shipping for a replacement case.I wanted to buy another for my son,but now i refuse to. It is a great wrench ,but not a great case.

Great tools, but...

I have owned my tools since '96 and they have worked well and are still like new. I can't say the same for the case as it has a broken hinge and lock which is just plastic that has shown not to hold up after many openings. I was going to order another one until I saw the price. I think I'll just put some metal hinges on the case I have and also some kind of locking mechanism.

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